Stay productive, stay comfortable and stay stylish at home

February 10, 2021

During this pandemic, everyone is advised to stay at home and do their work activities from home. We’re encouraged to stay active & productive, but you need a comfortable place to work.

BUT WORRY FREE! We can give you furniture pieces which allow you to stay productive in comfort and style.

  1. Re-vive Quilted by Natuzzi Italia

For those of you who need to get the game on while relaxing, Re-vive Quilted from Natuzzi Italia is the best choice to have. It’s a classy yet elegant design, plus the footrest softly supports body weight for an even more comfortable relaxing experience.

  1. Storm Desk by Cattelan Italia

When you work from home, you need an ideal personal desk to help you concentrate and feel comfy while doing your tasks. For those of you who love to work in style with a statement, Storm Desk by Cattelan is the right one to have. With a smooth leather pad on the top, it gives you comfort and style at the same time. Combine it with the Pouf or chairs collections by Cattelan Italia, and Voila! your working space is ready to be utilized.

  1. Mirage Swivel Chair by Eichholtz

For those of you who love luxury while working, Mirage swivel chair and side table from Eichholtz will give you another level experiencing the comfort and luxury at the same time. With a cocooning shell-shaped silhouette and a chic upholstery in faux shearling, this chair will add glamour to your room. comfort and style to your home with this truly unique piece!

  1. Batticuore Armchair by Natuzzi Editions

If you feel bored to see your screen every day and want to see things from a different point of view, Batticuore can help you out. With a clever form & function, BATTICUORE armchair is perfect to change perspective, even for a few minutes a day. It also lets you lean far back to get comfortable for a movie or read your favorite book.

  1. Charleston By La-Z-Boy & Komala table by Collections

When talking about comfortable recliners, La-Z-Boy will always be at the TOP of list. Its design, material and the mechanism really show its quality.  No more worries about your back if you work or just want to chill on the world’s best recliner. Whether you want to sit, swivel or recline, La-Z-Boy are crafted to last.  Add a side table from COLLECTIONS to put your coffee or tea and enjoy the ultimate comfort that knocks you right off your feet.

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