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We are introduced to the very best kind, perhaps, even the first-class environment in the company.


In order to provide you with the best, our team is focusing on studying the market based on the trends and premium quality products that we can provide for you.


With a continuous development program, our team has the ability to innovate artistic and contemporary concepts.


Our main purpose is to ensure that not only would you be satisfied with the products, in addition, to provide you with an experience that simply won’t forget.


At Melandas, we believe in communicating and being honest with each other. We are committed in what we do and always try to be as positive as we can be, in accordance with the rules and norms that apply.


Our clients expects us to deliver our products and services in an expeditious manner. We are required to be fast, flexible and being able to adapt quickly in an environment.


Our goals should also be stakeholder-orientated. In order to live in a positive and productive relationships, we need to focus on our stakeholders and their needs..


Melandas’ success has been attributed to its keen sense of judgement paired with astute foresight. Our aim is to become the most trusted partners in Indonesia’s marketplace, for foreign brands to penetrate into the market through our help and an international intermediary-hub for local designers in Indonesia. The willingness to venture out and its determination never to rest on its achievements have brought it where it is today. Beyond its success however, Melandas is keenly focused on nurturing their employees

One of our missions is to build a furniture-based mall which would have a variety of designers and products at the palm of your hand.

In order for foreign brands to penetrate the market, we would help them by building a supply chain foundation and develop a relationship with them.

Creating an opportunity for the local designers in Indonesia and becoming an international hub for them

With Melandas focusing on nurturing their employees, this creates an impact by opening positions in the Indonesian work environment.