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With over 2 decades in the furniture industry, The Chandra Family is the great masterminds behind the Melandas concept. They single-handedly brought Melandas to the Indonesian market, introducing the boutique-concept furniture business in Jakarta.

It has consistently presented the most exclusive international-designed furniture to their customers. Furthermore, Melandas has provided the Indonesian market a new taste of what the world has to offer.


Melandas delivers a variety of products with brands from Europe and USA; with some well-known designer brand names including Nicolette, Cattelan, Eichholtz, Natuzzie and the only one Live Life Comfortably La-Z Boy. Melandas develops partnerships and creates a relationship with manufacturing companies producing authentic designs with the highest quality of materials.

Focusing on the best of service for their customers, Melandas combines the worlds of craftsmanship and technology to continuously innovate and deliver the most supreme quality.


Our presence in Indonesia goes back to 1999, when our first store opened. Our stores represent the identity of Melandas, that believes homes are the most intimate places for everyone and it should reflect the owner’s personality.

Over the years, we have established more than thirty stores in different forms, from the mono brand stores, flagship store, to our showcase in the department stores. Our goal, is to be as close as possible with our customers and present them the range of furniture that fit to their needs.


To further provide our customers with excellent experience, we are present with our full range of brands that located in Slipi, Jakarta. It is built with a specific design where each floor of the building presents not only five different brands, but also five different stories and concepts.


Since 2018 we have changed our way to give experience to our customers. It gives us the opportunity to give our customer solutions rather than just selling products.